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Well I've been sick on and off for a month now, and it's gotten bad again, eesh I usually don't get sick, I've missed a few flu seasons, I guess I am making up for lost time. =P

My computer has kept freezin up on me its soo anoying and so random, I've limited it to hardware falirue, hard drive ok, Motherboard health sensors nominal, I've tried a lot of things to fix it, and thought I did only to find out later I hadn't. Now I am trying a fan cause I noticed it usually freezes during the day and not at night, bur who knows it could still be random.

Boy its hot =P AHH my wisdom teeth are comming in, teething is uncomfortable, but I've heard horror stories about wisdom teeth so this summer I'm making an appointment, I just hope its not to expensive cause I dont have insurance.

My Dynamics teacher talked about how you cant just try to solve a problem by looking at it. Its so true he has spent almost three hours going over one problem in class, but when I do homework I try to solve it as quickly as possible like in physics where the problem were set up where they give you Force and acceleration and then you have to do the complex art of algebra to get the answer (a mass doy) Even in EE its just a little to nuts what one is able to do with electromagnetic forces.

Haha then constrast that with ECON, I read the material the night before, take the tests and get A's, I CANT BELIVE THERE ARE PEOPLE WITH F's IN THAT CLASS!!!!

Oh well I need to go study for a insane class.
Anyone who can graduate from cal poly with an engineering degree is like really smart. =P
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