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Das ist mein Buch.

Stuff that has happened:

Read the latest book in the left behind series: Armageddon (only 1 book left!)
Reading The Silmarillion (Tolkiens unfinished literary manuscript that he worked on for a half-century)
Want to read that latest Harry Potter book (The Books get Bigger and Scarier in the series, in the last book someone dies :-O )

Tom and Mary Beth came back from their 6-week trip that I thought would bee like 1 or 2 *sigh*.

Chris Called!! YaY For the Buddy! =D

Something I noticed about this election and all of it's polls is people have the mindset that if they vote yes on the recall Arnold will become govenor so they vote no. Idealy people should vote yes if they they think that Grey Davis is a bad govenor. And maybe if we didn't have foreknowlage of who was likely to win we would vote for who we wanted to win not for who is likely to win.

Okay I'm going to sleep or study, heh chances are I will sleep then study =P.
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