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I won a free 12 pack of Dr. Pepper. You know where it always says try again on the inside of the box. I never would have seen it unless I tore up the box to recycle it! The Odds were like 1 in 10,000 so like if I was in vegas and spent $2.50 (the price of the soda) I would of won $25 G's Then I could pay off my massive education debts and still have enough for a scoop of ice cream at Rite Aid, maybe even a double scoop... maybe. But of course I can't just take the box into Albertson's and get my sugary-acidic-caffeine drink, No I've got to mail in the box part then wait for a coupon to arrive in the mail!!! Oh well I’m going to enjoy this because this is probably the only thing I will ever win from a stupid sweepstakes.

I totally guessed on a engineering quiz answer and got it right... maybe this education is seeping in my subconscious because I sure don't feel any smarter than ... than... middle school.

I watched the debate, it was really good to watch, not so much for what the candidates said but how they said it. Tom McClintock was the only person who didn't defame anyone and didn't take cheap shots at anyone else. Schwarzenegger was funny though I'm sure he didn't mean to be. Huffington was being very rude and Whitchy with a capital B. Bustamante would mockingly go "Uhuh Yeah" very condincindly to Schwarzenegger and Huffington. Schwarzenegger was full of one liners which works well in movies but is lacking in debates. Camejo was very composed like McClintock, but that didn't stop him from inserting a couple wild allegations on the Bush administration. Look at this Gallup report it's full of surveys and seems to support my view (4% of the voters thought Huffington did a good job in the debate)

Arnold did a Campaign speech in Santa Maria (30 Mi South) I almost went cause I thought it would be cool to see the Terminator, but I didn't I'm lazy I guess. Pres. Bush stopped in San Luis Obispo in 2000, I went then cause It was only a mile to see him (man I wish I brought a camera). I remember the Secret Service was there with their Black ray-bands and the clear ear walkie-talkies looking all cool and impressive.

So I guess the election is still Oct 7? You should vote! A few students gave me some info on why to vote no on prop 54. So I did some research and have decided to vote yes! I think it is racist to treat someone different because of their race weather your intentions are good or bad. You can find the ACTUAL wording for this prop here. It's weird, I went to an opposition site, and it said things that were contradictory in the prop (like collection of data for medical purposes (Prop Section F)). So this leaves me confused, who is correct? Maybe the opposition site did not think people would actually read the prop? A lot of prominate people are against this so I don't think it will pass, whatever... I guess I'll still be checking my race white/non-hispanic??? (I always believed I was American with a Europian descent) which is located at the bottom right above "other".

Eeek enough polytiks!!
Wow look at this statistic from csport.net. Half-Life is still BY FAR the most played multiplayer FPS, wow Unreal 2003 didn't fare so well I've never even played the game, it's just not the same unless I'm in a lab or a lan party where I can Give out Victory Screams and Death Wailings and I can hear my victims do the same, supposedly that’s what Roger Wilco is for... but it is just not the same. I would LOVE to get some kind of turned based game going on with my distant friends you know something like Cyber Empires that you can play on the Internet on a web page like Earth 2025 or via E-mail like Alpha Centauri. Although I've gotten zero interest in this from other people I will still peruse a viable multiplayer turned-based strategy game that can be played online whose players can play at their leisure.

Oh I've also got a buncha pictures to put up soon.... yeah right =P

don't forget about camsalumni.org, friendster, livejournal, and other ways of kit besides IMing (I am using that less and less)!!!

Yay now that school has started I'm kinda happy cause I'm kinda productive and I kinda am doing okay. =P

I ate cake for breakfast! Milk is kinda expensive so I have to find breakfast alternitives.
MMMMMMM Keki desu-ne Keki-o tabemasu. MMMMMMM Donatsu =P Silly Chris

Gosh I have a 4-hour Gap in between glasses Stupid high priority gets all the noonish classes, I suppose I could go do something productive.... eeesh (Charith eeesh).

Auf Wiedersehen
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