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Hank does 9.5 Seti units a day
I do 2.5, I would just like to say in the estimated 50 days I have left in third place in the Seti Group I founded, ... Dammit Hank why'd you have to get such fast computers!!?? Oh well at least I will still beat Chris.... for now.

I volunteered to help out at this May 31st, I get a free T-shirt and BBQ so I don't know if it is considered volunteering =P

I might take my Extra Test for the Amateaur Radio, which makes me grand funk master of all radios, the only reason why I'm doing it is because there are brand new people in the club taking it and thats annoying, it's like being in the military for 20 years and this young kid strait out of college has a higher rank than you... oh wait that happens to NCO's all the time. Well it means I have to learn morse code at the excrusiatingly slow speed of 5 w.p.m. can you imagine reading at 5 words per minute??? It would take you a day just to read this post! Or talking at that speed, it would sound like you were in Texas! Morse code is usually transmitted at a higher speed like 20-25 w.p.m. Oh well, I might as well mention that I did my a radio about a month ago and since no one who reads this is a ham, you could care less... still here is a link to it so you can ignore it....
Ah Heck the internet is way too slow!!! Stupid Modem!!! You look it up, it's a Yaesu Vx-5r
I've said it before, but I'll say it again WIERD AL WIERD AL

Current Game: Freespace - (Older Game (circa 2000) but hey with my 2+ year old video card, theres not too many games I can run that I haven't already played. It's a fun space flight shooter, pretty much a modern version of Tie Fighter whcih was such a bad ass game. Anyways the aliens just destroyed the battleship I was based at... so many dear friends ... lost forever, I almost had to take a day off of school to recover emotionaly

I hiked up on the "P" and took some pictures of the lunar eclipse... cool. Hiking at night is scary... AHHH a rock! I passed by so many people without flashlights, I would so fall and break my neck if I did that.

Hmmm I've heard bad things about Matrix, maybe I should wait 'till November and watch them both at once, that way there won't be six months of suspense

What will I be doing tonight??? Plane Kinematics of Rigid Bodies mixed with some Fourier Transform
What do I want to do tonight??? Prototyping some circuits mixed with blowing stuff up

Ahh the bridges we must cross to achieve our ultimate goals.
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