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Lookin foward to the holidays


I Just read this, it musta just happened. WOW COOL. Is it for real, I'll need to check. I'm kinda a news junkie, its scary I talked to chris and he had no idea the president went to Iraq on Thanksgiving, hehe =P Did I say how cool it would be if the Pres authorizes another moon mission, it may happen Yay! Go science!

Lilo and Stich was on this friday, thats such a good movie!
This is my family, it is small and it is broken, but it is still good.

I've got a billion things to do, I coulda done them weeks ago, eeesh, seems like no matter how much you get done, there always so much more to do tommorow. Thanks a lot technology! =P I often think I would lead a happier life in the more simpler times.

Yay For Christmas, and Christmas music, I want to go caroling. You don't have to sing goodly to go caroling do you?

I'm making my cookie list too yay, I wish I could make every cookie there is to make, and then roll around in them like scrooge McDuck in DuckTales.

Hehe Charith is learning the guitar, which now has me interested, I really want to relearn the clarinet. Sometimes I go down to the music building and learn piano, its kinda embarrasing playing oh susanna and they guy in the room next to me is playing the forrest gump suite. I really enjoy learning a skill, wish i did more as a kid. =P

I've been eating waffles all week, I don't think that is healthy, but its the fastest thing I can make in the house. I don't want to buy any more groceries cause I'm leaving soon.

Is it Tuesday yet?

Yay LOTR ROTK Is this Wednesday!

LAN PARTY =D Can't wait, hope my computer will work.

Okay back to mundane stuff =P

Meowy Christmas! =)
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