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Hidey Ho

Okay, a lot has happened since the long time ago I wrote here at LJ.

First of all like I felt two earthquakes and I was like ! we get earthquakes here, according to the USGS they were 3.4's less than 10 miles from here. I actually like little earthquakes there is nothing that feels like 'em. First you think what is going on?? then when you do you worry that the quake might get worse, but then it's over. It was kinda freaky cause there were two quakes in a row, while I was looking at usgs I felt the second one, and was wondering If I was felling a super quake from San Fransico or LA. Anyways while I was looking around, I noticed they were looking for people who were near LA during the Northridgequake, if you were you can take a survey here.

My grandparents visited me over the weekend and brought a lot of good munchies =). You can really appreaciate grandma food when you live on Jason food for so long. I was going to take them to an Indian buffet, but we missed it, so we had Thai food at Royal Thai which I went with my CAMS homies before.

The week went by quickly, without incident, I am building an aprs system which I think I've explained before. Some cool links on aprs:

So Saturday was Make a difference day, I tried to get up for it, to help out the united way, but by the time I got there (1 hour late) it was too late to help out?! so oh well, but at 12 there was a Transmitter hunt at Cal Poly. (A transmitter hunt is where you use your radio and your body (as a shield) to find a hidden transmitter). I helped out moving shelves into the repeater room, which was more of a workout then I've had in a while. =) For the BBQ I had my 90% fat hamburger which disinigrated into like 1/4 it's size. =). After the hunt one of the hams touted the wonders of Linux and I agreed to try it out, the local LUG(Linux Users group) was holding a Free Your Machine Day where they install Linux on your comp, but it was too late that day for me.

My sleping schedual is really off, I'm getting random amounts of sleep that in the end equal about normal amounts, but I unfortunatly tend to sleep during the day--during class. Unfortunatly I'm slightly behind in my studies, but I am going to try to get on a schedual. I'm praying for understanding teachers. Well my brownies are done, Bis bald!

I think I'm going to set up my *^%# web-site again so check it in a week. =)
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