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Sunday, December 14th, 2003
12:34 pm - jason is a dork
wow like my last 5 posts were like that, probably no one has read them then lol, dumbdy dumby do.

okay really i''m going to get my groove on then get some cleaning done

Yay downloading Finding Nemo, in apporx 2 weeks time It'll be done =P Yay Dialup

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3:28 am - Wrong Time
wow something is wrong with the program i use, the date of my last post was Dec 14, 3:19 am yeah my sleep schedual is messedup

Oh I had the update time check box unchecked hehe

YES SADDAM HAS BEEN CAPTURED DNA PROVES IT. HE WAS HIDING IN A CELLER IN TIKRIT. COOL, They got him alive! Its amazing how long people can hide, that 1996 Atlanta games bomber was captured only a few months ago, thats bad cause it can encourage other people they can get away with that kinda stuff. Good this will expidite Iraqi reconstruction.

AHHHHH I droped a glass and it broke in my room, stupid gravity.


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Thursday, October 30th, 2003
6:35 am - Lookin foward to the holidays

I Just read this, it musta just happened. WOW COOL. Is it for real, I'll need to check. I'm kinda a news junkie, its scary I talked to chris and he had no idea the president went to Iraq on Thanksgiving, hehe =P Did I say how cool it would be if the Pres authorizes another moon mission, it may happen Yay! Go science!

Lilo and Stich was on this friday, thats such a good movie!
This is my family, it is small and it is broken, but it is still good.

I've got a billion things to do, I coulda done them weeks ago, eeesh, seems like no matter how much you get done, there always so much more to do tommorow. Thanks a lot technology! =P I often think I would lead a happier life in the more simpler times.

Yay For Christmas, and Christmas music, I want to go caroling. You don't have to sing goodly to go caroling do you?

I'm making my cookie list too yay, I wish I could make every cookie there is to make, and then roll around in them like scrooge McDuck in DuckTales.

Hehe Charith is learning the guitar, which now has me interested, I really want to relearn the clarinet. Sometimes I go down to the music building and learn piano, its kinda embarrasing playing oh susanna and they guy in the room next to me is playing the forrest gump suite. I really enjoy learning a skill, wish i did more as a kid. =P

I've been eating waffles all week, I don't think that is healthy, but its the fastest thing I can make in the house. I don't want to buy any more groceries cause I'm leaving soon.

Is it Tuesday yet?

Yay LOTR ROTK Is this Wednesday!

LAN PARTY =D Can't wait, hope my computer will work.

Okay back to mundane stuff =P

Meowy Christmas! =)

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6:35 am - Hanksgivng and Hanksmas
You are GIR! Zim's insane robot sidekick, you love about every food in the universe. YAY! TACOS!!!!
You are GIR! Zim's insane robot sidekick, you love
everything. TACOS!

.:: Which Invader ZIM Character are You? ::.
brought to you by Quizilla

Who Is Surprised?

Dude I was comming home from a friends house at like 1am, and three deer cross the street, at first I thoght they were dogs, large dogs, but then I saw a mamma deer and a pappa deer and a baby deer. So I happen to have my camera with me, but by the time I had it ready, they were gone...

Yay Sleepover at Charith's Tuesday!!! I wanted to come a day early and surprise him! But I have a mid-term that day! Ack maybe I should study.
It's so funny No one believes me when I say I'm in SLO. They are right not to trust me, but sometimes I can't skip a test to visit them. =P

It's the Economy Stupid, the highest gdp in nearly two decades
[Error: Irreparable invalid markup ('<img [...] http://images.quizilla.com/r/riceprincess/1046386488_sgirbanner.gif">') in entry. Owner must fix manually. Raw contents below.]

<img src="http://images.quizilla.com/R/riceprincess/1046386488_sgirbanner.GIF" border="0" alt="You are GIR! Zim's insane robot sidekick, you love about every food in the universe. YAY! TACOS!!!!"><br>You are GIR! Zim's insane robot sidekick, you love<br>everything. TACOS!
<br><br><a href="http://quizilla.com/users/riceprincess/quizzes/.%3A%3A%20Which%20Invader%20ZIM%20Character%20are%20You%3F%20%3A%3A./"> <font size="-1">.:: Which Invader ZIM Character are You? ::.</font></a><BR> <font size="-3">brought to you by <a href="http://quizilla.com">Quizilla</a></font>

Who Is Surprised?

Dude I was comming home from a friends house at like 1am, and three deer cross the street, at first I thoght they were dogs, large dogs, but then I saw a mamma deer and a pappa deer and a baby deer. So I happen to have my camera with me, but by the time I had it ready, they were gone...

Yay Sleepover at Charith's Tuesday!!! I wanted to come a day early and surprise him! But I have a mid-term that day! Ack maybe I should study.
It's so funny No one believes me when I say I'm in SLO. They are right not to trust me, but sometimes I can't skip a test to visit them. =P

It's the Economy Stupid, the highest gdp in nearly two decades
<img src="<img src="http://images.quizilla.com/R/riceprincess/1046386488_sgirbanner.GIF" border="0" alt="GDP Chart 2001-2003">

Yay Half my Christmas shopping is done, weee me like Christmas.


(Okay I can't post this yet cause certain parties may know what I'm up to, I told Charith not to tell anyone I'm comming down, so hopefully I can surprise Hank, and Fuz and his Fuzzlings, and hopefull I can con chris to stop in Irvine!)

Tuesday Charith SleepOver
Wednesday: Irvine fun, Dinner at GParents
Thurday: Thanksgiving in Riverside (all are invited if they want to experiance a Messinger family Thanksgivin)
Friday: Back in Redondo, Free to have fun

Whats a soup kitchen?
Whats a Walmart is that where they sell walls?
Whats a well?


=( But Japans mars mission failed, thats 3 frikin mars missions in a row that have failed!!!!! =( hopefully the next one on its way will work (its like a month behind this one), but this last one spent 5 years going to mars! eesh, guess it got damaged by solar flares. Ooh and cassini will be reaching saturn soon, how cool is that? I'll tell you its frikin cold there!

Someone asked me if I partied, I forgot that means do I do drugs. =P Sadly this was not the first time peoply thought I was a druggy. =)

I gots to go TTFN! Weeee

I wont' be down 'till the 16th night. =( but then... WEEEEE ...

current mood: anxious

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6:35 am - Quickie

Wow great Deal!!

HAHAHHAHAHAH, check out the toons.

I am literaly counting the seconds to turkey day!!!
I am a bed-ridden ball of sickness, better now than during turkey day!

current mood: lethargic

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6:35 am

I remeber that episoe, I thought it was sooo weird that they were so blatenly targeting fox, I mean they always make fun of fox, but this was down and dirty.

The GDP Surges by 7.2%!!! Woah

WOOOOO Week is almost over

I love emulators, my goal is to finaly beat frikin Super Mario Bros 1

YaY Microsoft is getting rid of Windows messenger!!! Someting I've never been able to do! More examples of why monopolies create inferior products.

Hey If you like old adventure games, these guys totaly revamped Kings Quest 1 and 2! FREE GAME WOOOO!

this is why the death penalty is dumb


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Wednesday, October 29th, 2003
11:41 am - Hidey Ho
Okay, a lot has happened since the long time ago I wrote here at LJ.

First of all like I felt two earthquakes and I was like ! we get earthquakes here, according to the USGS they were 3.4's less than 10 miles from here. I actually like little earthquakes there is nothing that feels like 'em. First you think what is going on?? then when you do you worry that the quake might get worse, but then it's over. It was kinda freaky cause there were two quakes in a row, while I was looking at usgs I felt the second one, and was wondering If I was felling a super quake from San Fransico or LA. Anyways while I was looking around, I noticed they were looking for people who were near LA during the Northridgequake, if you were you can take a survey here.

My grandparents visited me over the weekend and brought a lot of good munchies =). You can really appreaciate grandma food when you live on Jason food for so long. I was going to take them to an Indian buffet, but we missed it, so we had Thai food at Royal Thai which I went with my CAMS homies before.

The week went by quickly, without incident, I am building an aprs system which I think I've explained before. Some cool links on aprs:

So Saturday was Make a difference day, I tried to get up for it, to help out the united way, but by the time I got there (1 hour late) it was too late to help out?! so oh well, but at 12 there was a Transmitter hunt at Cal Poly. (A transmitter hunt is where you use your radio and your body (as a shield) to find a hidden transmitter). I helped out moving shelves into the repeater room, which was more of a workout then I've had in a while. =) For the BBQ I had my 90% fat hamburger which disinigrated into like 1/4 it's size. =). After the hunt one of the hams touted the wonders of Linux and I agreed to try it out, the local LUG(Linux Users group) was holding a Free Your Machine Day where they install Linux on your comp, but it was too late that day for me.

My sleping schedual is really off, I'm getting random amounts of sleep that in the end equal about normal amounts, but I unfortunatly tend to sleep during the day--during class. Unfortunatly I'm slightly behind in my studies, but I am going to try to get on a schedual. I'm praying for understanding teachers. Well my brownies are done, Bis bald!

I think I'm going to set up my *^%# web-site again so check it in a week. =)

current mood: contemplative

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Tuesday, October 14th, 2003
2:48 pm
Yay for Columbus day, cause it's on my sisters birthday!

Wow we got yet another new $20 Bill!! Peachy!


Man this weekend I had an offer to go down to SD by the Uber Buddy, but it twas a bad weekend to go down, ich I have two mid-terms this week, next weekend the G-Parents are coming up, then I have stuff planned for the 1'st, boy I can't wait until Thanks Giving mmmm pumpkin pie and Yams =P

I am building an APRS station. APRS or Automatic Position Reporting System (I think) Is where you hook up a GPS board to some electronics that talk to your radio and then relay your position over a network of repeaters, now some of these repeaters is hooked up to the internet so people can see where you are. So it works like opposite normal GPS which tells YOU where you are, instead it tell Other People where you are.

Um Charith was playing UFO Aftermath and I wanted too, but I don't have it So I played Terror from the Deep, I've discovered T'Leth the acient alien city deep in the Gulf of Mexico. Now I just need to reasearch that uber sub then I can go down there and exact my revenge! But the alien battleships are mounting attacks on my bases!

So I talked to a friend about playing too many video games, he said that If I could go 40 days without playing them then I could lead a normal heathy life, I just laughed. =P I could go 40 days without a lot of things save a few like video games and reading about video games and tv and the internet and I guess food, yeah food. Hmm maybe I'll try that for lent, give up video games for lent man I hope there are no lan parties during that time. =P

Random thing: I was humming after a class and a girl comes up to me and asked what I was humming, I told her and we talked for a couple minutes, then I ask a guy next to me a question and then she leaves. What I wonder is did all she really want to know the name of the tune I was humming?... or was that an excuse to talk to me. I didn't even ask her name or tell her mine, I am a social imbicile. =P

Oh my goodness I need to do homework ... or I could go and beat those aliens!!!!

Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger Badger MUSHROOM MUSHROOM!

If you know what I mean you are kooky
Man I listened to that for five minutes waiting, argh!

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Wednesday, October 8th, 2003
12:24 pm - Well shuck my corn
Look at this link!!!! Wow! thats so sweet, I bet you could almost live off of that in Alaska!!!! Does Chris know about this??

Okay sleepy time

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11:35 am - Total Recall
Voting Results (links go to voting maps):
Recall passed no surprise, Davis's concession speech was very gracefull, that's quoting Fox News yeah they do say nice things about librals. Wow the recall passed even in sacremento county (61%)
[Error: Irreparable invalid markup ('<a [...] http://vote2003.ss.ca.gov/returns/prop/mapr053.htm">') in entry. Owner must fix manually. Raw contents below.]

Voting Results (links go to voting maps):
<a href="http://vote2003.ss.ca.gov/Returns/recall/mapN4.htm">Recall passed</a> no surprise, Davis's concession speech was very gracefull, that's quoting Fox News yeah they do say nice things about librals. Wow the recall passed even in sacremento county (61%)
<a href="http://vote2003.ss.ca.gov/Returns/gov/mapB.htm>Arnold wo</a>, wow do you realize when we graduate Arnold's signature will be on our diploma. How cool is that? Hmm kinda disapointing that Lary Flint, the #2 Democrat got so many votes, also a porn star made top 10, but at least Gary Coleman beat her.
<a href="http://vote2003.ss.ca.gov/Returns/prop/mapR053.htm">Prop 53 Failed!!!!</a> I didn't hear any press on this before, but I read all the materials provided by the secretary of states office. Basically it would lock in a measily 1% of the budget for infastructure, you know POWER, WATER, OUR CRAPPY PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION, etc. etc. In California's more proserous past this was as high as 20%!!! Oh well I guess now the politions are free to spend it on special interest instead of public interest.
<a href="http://vote2003.ss.ca.gov/Returns/prop/mapR054.htm">Prop 54 Failed.</a> No surprise most press was bad on this, weird thing is most minorities I talked to voted for it, it was the white people I talked to that voted against it!? what a strange world we live in.

<a href="http://www.newscientist.com/news/news.jsp?id=ns99994252">Wow China 3rd country to send maned space mission</a>, and they have a moon mission goal. Maybe this will get NASA off it's lazy butt, we sdvanced so quickly when the Russians were a serious competetor.

Arn't I supposed to talk about me in my journal? hmmm oh well.

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Monday, October 6th, 2003
12:24 pm - Das ist mein Buch.
Stuff that has happened:

Read the latest book in the left behind series: Armageddon (only 1 book left!)
Reading The Silmarillion (Tolkiens unfinished literary manuscript that he worked on for a half-century)
Want to read that latest Harry Potter book (The Books get Bigger and Scarier in the series, in the last book someone dies :-O )

Tom and Mary Beth came back from their 6-week trip that I thought would bee like 1 or 2 *sigh*.

Chris Called!! YaY For the Buddy! =D

Something I noticed about this election and all of it's polls is people have the mindset that if they vote yes on the recall Arnold will become govenor so they vote no. Idealy people should vote yes if they they think that Grey Davis is a bad govenor. And maybe if we didn't have foreknowlage of who was likely to win we would vote for who we wanted to win not for who is likely to win.

Okay I'm going to sleep or study, heh chances are I will sleep then study =P.

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Tuesday, September 30th, 2003
11:46 am - Here's a quicky
okay not much blah time today.

CAMS needs to update their webpage! I broke in to the Ftp server to see if our files were still there... they wern't =( But I might e-mail them to see if we can create an alumni database like MOST schools have. My grandpa's high school actually has a quaterly alumni paper!!!

I went to the library and got 10 books, (I'm such a geek), I've already finished The great train robbery by Micheal Criteon, it was awsome! I didn't think it would be good because it was his first novel, but it was one of his best! I'm now working on The Silmarillion By. J.R.R. Tolkien, I've heard its for Hard Core fans only, so I should enjoy it, too bad he never finnished it.

Today is Dienstag und that means Joe Schmoe tonight. Prediction Brian will be leave. I did some research and since Matt (Joe schmoe) isn't talking to the press, that probably means he wasn't too happy being totally duped. =P... Oh well

I wonder what every one is up to ??????

What do you call people who are afraid of Santa Claus?


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Monday, September 29th, 2003
11:13 am - Bis Bald

I won a free 12 pack of Dr. Pepper. You know where it always says try again on the inside of the box. I never would have seen it unless I tore up the box to recycle it! The Odds were like 1 in 10,000 so like if I was in vegas and spent $2.50 (the price of the soda) I would of won $25 G's Then I could pay off my massive education debts and still have enough for a scoop of ice cream at Rite Aid, maybe even a double scoop... maybe. But of course I can't just take the box into Albertson's and get my sugary-acidic-caffeine drink, No I've got to mail in the box part then wait for a coupon to arrive in the mail!!! Oh well I’m going to enjoy this because this is probably the only thing I will ever win from a stupid sweepstakes.

I totally guessed on a engineering quiz answer and got it right... maybe this education is seeping in my subconscious because I sure don't feel any smarter than ... than... middle school.

I watched the debate, it was really good to watch, not so much for what the candidates said but how they said it. Tom McClintock was the only person who didn't defame anyone and didn't take cheap shots at anyone else. Schwarzenegger was funny though I'm sure he didn't mean to be. Huffington was being very rude and Whitchy with a capital B. Bustamante would mockingly go "Uhuh Yeah" very condincindly to Schwarzenegger and Huffington. Schwarzenegger was full of one liners which works well in movies but is lacking in debates. Camejo was very composed like McClintock, but that didn't stop him from inserting a couple wild allegations on the Bush administration. Look at this Gallup report it's full of surveys and seems to support my view (4% of the voters thought Huffington did a good job in the debate)

Arnold did a Campaign speech in Santa Maria (30 Mi South) I almost went cause I thought it would be cool to see the Terminator, but I didn't I'm lazy I guess. Pres. Bush stopped in San Luis Obispo in 2000, I went then cause It was only a mile to see him (man I wish I brought a camera). I remember the Secret Service was there with their Black ray-bands and the clear ear walkie-talkies looking all cool and impressive.

So I guess the election is still Oct 7? You should vote! A few students gave me some info on why to vote no on prop 54. So I did some research and have decided to vote yes! I think it is racist to treat someone different because of their race weather your intentions are good or bad. You can find the ACTUAL wording for this prop here. It's weird, I went to an opposition site, and it said things that were contradictory in the prop (like collection of data for medical purposes (Prop Section F)). So this leaves me confused, who is correct? Maybe the opposition site did not think people would actually read the prop? A lot of prominate people are against this so I don't think it will pass, whatever... I guess I'll still be checking my race white/non-hispanic??? (I always believed I was American with a Europian descent) which is located at the bottom right above "other".

Eeek enough polytiks!!
Wow look at this statistic from csport.net. Half-Life is still BY FAR the most played multiplayer FPS, wow Unreal 2003 didn't fare so well I've never even played the game, it's just not the same unless I'm in a lab or a lan party where I can Give out Victory Screams and Death Wailings and I can hear my victims do the same, supposedly that’s what Roger Wilco is for... but it is just not the same. I would LOVE to get some kind of turned based game going on with my distant friends you know something like Cyber Empires that you can play on the Internet on a web page like Earth 2025 or via E-mail like Alpha Centauri. Although I've gotten zero interest in this from other people I will still peruse a viable multiplayer turned-based strategy game that can be played online whose players can play at their leisure.

Oh I've also got a buncha pictures to put up soon.... yeah right =P

don't forget about camsalumni.org, friendster, livejournal, and other ways of kit besides IMing (I am using that less and less)!!!

Yay now that school has started I'm kinda happy cause I'm kinda productive and I kinda am doing okay. =P

I ate cake for breakfast! Milk is kinda expensive so I have to find breakfast alternitives.
MMMMMMM Keki desu-ne Keki-o tabemasu. MMMMMMM Donatsu =P Silly Chris

Gosh I have a 4-hour Gap in between glasses Stupid high priority gets all the noonish classes, I suppose I could go do something productive.... eeesh (Charith eeesh).

Auf Wiedersehen

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Wednesday, September 24th, 2003
12:38 pm - Guten Tag!!
Hallo, It's been a long time =P

I've been either busy or bored for a long time neither which are times I think about updating.

Stuff that has happend: I fell asleep while making split-pea soup, so it was overcooked by about 50 minutes. the result: green mashed potatos, the future's staple food.

I sold some old junk on ebay. Hooray I got rid of some old processors and other junk =P.

Om well I should go now but here are some links to stuff I browsed today.


Hahahahahahahah silly Sims

Gee it dosn't seem that a day goes by that a judge dosn't stop someting good (weather they legaly can or cannot)
And why did they wait so long I mean this Do Not call thing has been in the works for years!

Okay so in this artical a guy is complaining because he can't vote because he is a convicted felon for KILLING PEOPLE and won't be able to vote until the 20 full years of his sentance are elapsed of which he only served 13!!

Funny =p
I think QEFTSG is okay, they do an amazing job, but gay guys making gay jokes isn't funny, it's like white people telling white jokes, disturbing not funny.

AHHH its night of the sequel games!!!

These games look really good, but how much is fact and how much is hype?
The hardware requirements for these games is intense, whatever happened to gameplay over graphics?
Homeworld 2:
· System: Pentium 4 1.4GHz or equivalent
· RAM: 512 MB RAM
· Video Memory: 64 MB VRAM
· 3D Sound Card: Yes
· Hard Drive Space: 1200 MB !!!
· Mouse: Yes
· Sound Board: Yes
· DirectX: DirectX v9.0

The video game industry grossed more than the video entertainment industry, due to the fact that most new games cost $50+ while new videos are down to $20

More funnies

Wow I found a reality show I like.

I have a sudden earge to relearn the clarinet =P

Tschuess bis bald

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Friday, June 13th, 2003
6:30 am - soo tired
Funny Picture: =P

Hahaha funny website

News: Monkeypox may have spread from a human
maybe they should call it Humanpox =P



calories I am supposed to eat

Words made from 5327631
We found these words:
33 interesting combinations found
LEAP-ME-1 5-FARM-31 5-EARN-31 5-DARN-31
5-FAR-OF-1 5-FAR-ME-1 5-FAQ-OF-1 5-FAQ-ME-1
5-EAR-OF-1 5-EAR-ME-1 5-DAR-OF-1 5-DAR-ME-1
532-SOD-1 532-ROE-1 532-ROD-1 532-POE-1
532-POD-1 53-ARM-31 5-FAR-631 5-FAQ-631
5-EAR-631 5-DAR-631 53-AS-OF-1 53-AS-ME-1
5327-OF-1 5327-ME-1 532-SO-31 532-PO-31
Words made from 5277430
We found these words:
42 interesting combinations found
LAP-PI-30 LAP-7-IF-0 LAP-7-HE-0 JAR-PI-30
JAR-7-IF-0 JAR-7-HE-0 5-ASS-IF-0 5-ASS-HE-0
5-ASP-IF-0 5-ASP-HE-0 5-AS-SHE-0 5-AS-RID-0
5-AS-PIE-0 527-SHE-0 527-RID-0 527-PIE-0
52-SRI-30 5-ASS-430 5-ASP-430 5-AS-PI-30
5-AS-7-IF-0 5-AS-7-HE-0 5277-IF-0 5277-HE-0
527-PI-30 5-AS-7430
Words made from 2832261
We found these words:
35 interesting combinations found
CUE-2-AN-1 CUE-2-AM-1 BUD-2-AN-1 BUD-2-AM-1
ATE-2-AN-1 ATE-2-AM-1 AT-EBB-61 AT-3-CAN-1
AT-3-CAM-1 AT-3-BAN-1 AT-3-ABO-1 2-TEA-AN-1
2-TEA-AM-1 283-CAN-1 283-CAM-1 283-BAN-1
283-ABO-1 28-EBB-61 2-TEA-261 AT-32-AN-1
AT-32-AM-1 2832-AN-1 2832-AM-1

nerd stuff

yeah see how unPRODUCTIVE i was during finals =P

so yeah I have to pack my entire room in 8 hours so yeah I'm busy =P

WOW did I get messed up on my finals the only classes I am sure I passed are my lab class and econ (thanks Mr. Fisher) I didn't have to sing for an A etheir =P I didn't realize how much I got behind when I was sick untill it was too late,

things arn't doing too well for me, too many bad things happened this year and I have become fiercly independant in college so I have no support when bad things happen which is bad. I totaly get the feeling people don't like me. I am looking foward to summer to re-evaluate my life and my future plans

I was watching Micheal Palin's "Around the world in 80 days" when I realized he was in monty python. My middle school social studies teacher made us watch the former, it was a good documentry but he was pretty dry its hard to believe he was also the knight who said ni NI NI NI NI =P

Be careful for what you whish for, because you might just get it.

As far back as I can remeber I've always had a desire to leave everything and just start exploring and never come back. You know travel from city to city, earn enough to eat

As I am starting to pack it hits me, I have so much crap. I like to collect things and I don't like to get rid of things, probably cause as a kid I didn't have too much, but geeze when I have to take everything Iown with me I question my need for the hundred or so books I have, or all my cookingware, and scrap electronics. I get emotionaly attached to objects (yeah no girlfriend <-hmm i hope thats the reason) like my stuffed animals. I mean I litterally could not bear the thought of giving them away yet they serve no purpose *sigh* Ick and I have so many papers, which ones do you keep and which ones do you throw away??

During my sophmore year, so many people switched out of engineering majors, I meet peopl all the time that switched out of an enginnering major, my econ teacher is a areo engineer drop out.
Harrison Ford took a thatre class because he needed a class to boost his GPA.
You weigh about a 1/2 pound lighter on the equator than on the poles due to normal acceleration from the Earth's spin. If a day was 85 minutes long, you would be weightless around the equator. and to think I still probably flunked Dynamics
A grasshopper's hind leg can exert a Force of 3 lbs!
3lbs of force acting on 1 oz of bug equals wheeee

fear of confrontation -> fear of abandonment -> fear of relationships

My family is leaving the South bay, how wierd, my grandparents have lived there since they were like my age

Tom and Mary Beth are moving up to Tahoe (I drove them away MUHAHAHAHAHAHA) Tom's lived here for like 30 years, wow.

Did you know I have NEVER lived in a place for more than two years. Mom would get mad at me when I refused to unpack completely cause I got used to packing back up.
I've moved more times than most people will in their lives, sooo tired of it, but I never have really learned how to stay in one spot, its so unnatural
Maybe I'll live in the library next year =P

YAY SUMMER, I have so many projects I want to do, website, electronics projects, running (the last time I ran a mile I thought my lungs were going to explode), reading for PLEASURE (ooh so many books), I might take a el-co class, oh and I need to get a job, I think it's alot easier to get a job in San Luis, like I can get one in a snap, I think its harder in LA, but It'll be good to be "home" while I still have a "home" at "LA" If worst comes to worst I can always harvest my eggs =P If I can bring my bike down... then I might be able to get around without being a burdon on people... hmm 6 mi to buddys house I could do that.. but LA dosn't have very bike friendly roads (OR DRIVERS!!)

Okay I'm going to stop procrastinating now

Do svidaniya

Meine Mutter ist ein Fisch

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Wednesday, June 4th, 2003
3:53 am
Hmmm my computer is freezing totaly randomly....

Hehe cool, I might build it...

Wow cool shot!!

Hmm Okay I think i've finally isolated the problem... a usb cable that wasn't hooked up to a device but still connected to the computer.... dumb.


Nope... Okay I FINALLY figured out something was overheating cuz its like really hot lately so I took my only fan and pointed it to my computer and sure enough no more freezing.

Last weekend I got up at 7am!!! =P and I volunteered at a fundraiser for the Childrens center. The funny thing is, there were more volunteers than runners!! Whatever.. So I was a traffic controllers, I got to wear a totaly hip orange vest and I directed traffic while small children would dart across the street. I had to yell at a few cell phone users cause they totaly wernt paying attention. But 90% of the time there was nothing for me to do... and there was good music so I danced in place most of the time to the other volunteers delight of course. So I got me a sunburn, a T-shirt, and a free lunch. =P Then I went over to a BMX show they had which was interesting, people on the bikes go wheeee and once in a while go splat! Then I went to the library to study where I quickly fell asleep.

I can fall asleep anywhere anytime, I fell asleep after a barbeque, there were like 5 guys talking including me, then my eyes got heavy, then the conversations stopped everyone was looking at me cuz I fell asleep so fast =P

YaY its getting cooler

Okay I had more stuff but it all got deleted when my computer froze =P

Merry Christmas everyone! =D

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Thursday, May 29th, 2003
2:16 am - Pika Pik
Well I've been sick on and off for a month now, and it's gotten bad again, eesh I usually don't get sick, I've missed a few flu seasons, I guess I am making up for lost time. =P

My computer has kept freezin up on me its soo anoying and so random, I've limited it to hardware falirue, hard drive ok, Motherboard health sensors nominal, I've tried a lot of things to fix it, and thought I did only to find out later I hadn't. Now I am trying a fan cause I noticed it usually freezes during the day and not at night, bur who knows it could still be random.

Boy its hot =P AHH my wisdom teeth are comming in, teething is uncomfortable, but I've heard horror stories about wisdom teeth so this summer I'm making an appointment, I just hope its not to expensive cause I dont have insurance.

My Dynamics teacher talked about how you cant just try to solve a problem by looking at it. Its so true he has spent almost three hours going over one problem in class, but when I do homework I try to solve it as quickly as possible like in physics where the problem were set up where they give you Force and acceleration and then you have to do the complex art of algebra to get the answer (a mass doy) Even in EE its just a little to nuts what one is able to do with electromagnetic forces.

Haha then constrast that with ECON, I read the material the night before, take the tests and get A's, I CANT BELIVE THERE ARE PEOPLE WITH F's IN THAT CLASS!!!!

Oh well I need to go study for a insane class.
Anyone who can graduate from cal poly with an engineering degree is like really smart. =P

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Monday, May 19th, 2003
Hahaha I did this once...
I also entered my drivers licence and practacly anything with a magnetic strip on it hoping for free money... stupid smart ATM's!

I forgot to mention that when I was night hiking, I saw worms with glow in the dark butts. COOL!! =P

I haven't done anything in a while.
I have to be the lazyst guy in the world =P

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Friday, May 16th, 2003
Hank does 9.5 Seti units a day
I do 2.5, I would just like to say in the estimated 50 days I have left in third place in the Seti Group I founded, ... Dammit Hank why'd you have to get such fast computers!!?? Oh well at least I will still beat Chris.... for now.

I volunteered to help out at this May 31st, I get a free T-shirt and BBQ so I don't know if it is considered volunteering =P

I might take my Extra Test for the Amateaur Radio, which makes me grand funk master of all radios, the only reason why I'm doing it is because there are brand new people in the club taking it and thats annoying, it's like being in the military for 20 years and this young kid strait out of college has a higher rank than you... oh wait that happens to NCO's all the time. Well it means I have to learn morse code at the excrusiatingly slow speed of 5 w.p.m. can you imagine reading at 5 words per minute??? It would take you a day just to read this post! Or talking at that speed, it would sound like you were in Texas! Morse code is usually transmitted at a higher speed like 20-25 w.p.m. Oh well, I might as well mention that I did my a radio about a month ago and since no one who reads this is a ham, you could care less... still here is a link to it so you can ignore it....
Ah Heck the internet is way too slow!!! Stupid Modem!!! You look it up, it's a Yaesu Vx-5r
I've said it before, but I'll say it again WIERD AL WIERD AL

Current Game: Freespace - (Older Game (circa 2000) but hey with my 2+ year old video card, theres not too many games I can run that I haven't already played. It's a fun space flight shooter, pretty much a modern version of Tie Fighter whcih was such a bad ass game. Anyways the aliens just destroyed the battleship I was based at... so many dear friends ... lost forever, I almost had to take a day off of school to recover emotionaly

I hiked up on the "P" and took some pictures of the lunar eclipse... cool. Hiking at night is scary... AHHH a rock! I passed by so many people without flashlights, I would so fall and break my neck if I did that.

Hmmm I've heard bad things about Matrix, maybe I should wait 'till November and watch them both at once, that way there won't be six months of suspense

What will I be doing tonight??? Plane Kinematics of Rigid Bodies mixed with some Fourier Transform
What do I want to do tonight??? Prototyping some circuits mixed with blowing stuff up

Ahh the bridges we must cross to achieve our ultimate goals.

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Wednesday, May 14th, 2003
1:19 pm - why am i here?
OOhh updating @ school, how taboo:

I started watching TV again, productivity dropped even more

Thursday: Lunar Eclipse:

Oh boy!!! Gee there are a few things wee can do this weekened, Gravity bots (see last post) ... or wierd al (link below)

hmm okay I'm going to go do someting that sarts with Z and ends with Z and has a lot of Z's in the middle.... that's right I have to do a lot of impedence calculations =P (BAD EE Joke)

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